- Biography - 

Adrian Bell came to Suffolk from London in 1920. He was first a farm pupil and then a farmer and lived in various parts of the County for the next 60 years until his death in September 1980. During that time he wrote 25 books, most of which were based on his life and work in Suffolk. His first book, Corduroy, published in 1930, vividly describes his early years on the land when farming depended on the horse to do what man could not. Silver Ley and The Cherry Tree followed in 1931 and 1932, and became known as 'The Trilogy'. 

Corduroy was republished by Penguin in spring 2000 with an introduction bu his son Martin Bell (one-time BBC correspondent and M.P.). He also contributed many articles to various magazines and for 30 years his 'Countryman's Notebook' was a feature of the Eastern Daily Press. Some 'Notebook' essays were published in book form, and in October 2001 the Society produced a further selection of essays in a book to commemorate the centenary of his birth.  

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