- In Print - 

Little Toller Books was born in 2008 as an imprint of the Dovecote Press, a family-run publishing company that has specialised in books about rural life and local history since 1974. Little Toller was started with a singular purpose: to revive forgotten and classic books about nature and rural life in the British Isles. Apple Acre and Men and the Fields are two beautifully presented recent additions. 

Apple Acre                                            Men and the Fields   

The success of Little Toller's Nature Classics has enabled it to grow into an independent publisher, attuned to writers and artists who seek inventive ways to reconnect us with the natural world and to celebrate the place we live in.

‘A small but discerning press’
The Independent

‘a kind of particularity defines Little Toller as much as the interest in natural history’
James Russell, author of Ravilious in Pictures

‘classic texts of rural writing and illustration brought back into beautiful existence’
KATHRYN HUGHES, A Year of Beautiful Books, The Guardian 2011